Drunk passenger refused booze, prompts emergency landing of TUI flight
Date: November 02,2017
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Drunk passenger refused booze, prompts emergency landing of TUI flight

A drunk passenger compelled a flight from Cancun to Manchester to go for an emergency landing after he ‘aggravated’ the other passengers on board this flight.

The man was thereafter ‘offloaded’ at Gander International Airport in Canada since he had been upsetting his fellow travellers as well as the crew members of the aircraft.

It is believed that the man was escorted from the TUI flight by police,

But his partner was permitted to stay on board to Manchester.

One of the passengers on board the flight who refused to be named told the media the ‘disruptive’ passenger continued to walk up and down the aisles making attempts to aggravate the passengers. Then he went on to add that the flight crew members refused to serve him alcohol. He said that as soon as he was refused, the passenger retorted back stating that the authorities had offered it to the other passengers.

His partner did try to calm him down.

However eventually the flight crew was compelled to separate them. Then the authorities announced that the flight would be diverting to Gander Airport in Newfoundland to offload the drunk passenger.

The witness even mentioned that the man had started being disruptive during the bus transfer prior to the flight.

TUI Airways then confirmed that the airplane had to divert the flight after the incident on 25th October, Wednesday. A spokesman for TUI Airways asserted that they were fully aware of the incident that had taken place on board flight TOM173 that was heading to Manchester from Cancun that diverted to Ghana, Canada due to the behavior of a disruptive passenger.

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