Italy is pursuing visitors with wine
Date: October 26,2017
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Italy is pursuing visitors with wine

In the last five years, enjoying a satiating lunch in Italy’s Bolgheri wine country, it is not quite tough to comprehend why overseas visitor number has doubled in this bucolic part of Tuscany.

“People have always come in the summer for the beaches,” says Riccardo Binda, while chopping deliciously tender slice of Florentine steak, grilled over embers.

“Now we’re getting visitors all year round. It’s something new that has developed as the reputation of Bolgheri’s wine has grown.”

The general manager, Binda belongs to the local group of winemakers in an area famous for its producing of fine quality Bordeaux-style reds. Collected from eighth generation proficient butcher Dario Cecchini and suspended for 100 days, the T-bone he is eating is a well-liked one.

Osteria Magona, generally found crowded on sunny October afternoon and remains abuzz with the mingling whispers of all the foodies and wine-fuelled chat conversations in English, German, French, and Japanese languages.

It’s a common scene that delights the heart of Dario Franceschini, the tourism and culture minister of Italy, as he organizes the accounts on what is anticipated to be a record breaking year in terms of tourism. The tourism accounts for approximately 10 percent of the GDP of the country and has turned into an important engine of development for a rising economy from years of stagnation.

A bountiful summer witnessed a 16 percent rise in the total number of visitors to pouring into the country’s long coastlines, with 5 percent growth in the number of overseas customers.
As per the UN’s World Tourism Organization, last year saw just over 52 million foreign visitors, Italy lagging behind France, with 82 million visitors in 2016, and Spain with 75 million respectively.

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