Bird strike compels emergency landing of JetBlue in New York
Date: October 24,2017
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Bird strike compels emergency landing of JetBlue in New York

A JetBlue flight that was travelling to Las Vegas from Boston struck some birds a short while after it had taken off.

Eventually it was able to make an emergency landing in New York.

Sharon Jones, the spokeswoman for JetBlue Airways Corporation said that flight 877 had landed safely at John F. Kennedy International Airport slightly prior to 7.30 p.m. on Monday.

Ms. Jones added that the airplane had to be diverted to JHK owing to ‘an abundance of caution’.

She further stated that all the 144 passengers on board the flight were to be re-accommodated on an alternative aircraft. The plane was unable to land in Beantown due to ill weather and therefore pilots were compelled to continue along the Big Apple, according to the sources.

The plane struck the birds late on Monday afternoon after it had taken off from Boston Logan International Airport.

Thereafter it had to be diverted to New York.

The bird strike was reported around 4.45 p.m. Sources mentioned that JetBlue flight877 had circled around JFK in an attempt to burn fuel before it landed.

The airplane flew a majority of the distance to New York at a low altitude of approximately 3,700 feet and at 200 mph. As soon as it landed the flight was met by emergency services at the airport.

JetBlue is yet to reveal if the plane has suffered from any kind of damage.

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