Dubai to permit tourists to fly drones soon
Date: October 17,2017
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Dubai to permit tourists to fly drones soon

Aviation authorities in Dubai have been working on a unique mechanism wherein tourists would be able to register online and obtain a certificate enabling them to fly their drones around popular landmarks in Dubai.

However the certificate would be subject to an in-house validation of their skills in Dubai.

The fresh regulation was declared on the sidelines of the two-day Unmanned Aerial System Forum that had commenced on Monday in Dubai. And also on Monday, a leading official at the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority said that the tourists have declined 12 drones on the premises of a renowned landmark hotel in Dubai in the last year and a half.

The tourists were not aware that the radio frequency would be going out of reach when flying around such a great hotel, as revealed by Michael Rudolph at the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) to one of the famous news media agencies of Dubai at the event of the two-day Unmanned Aerial System Forum in Dubai.

The management of the hotel reported the incident to the DCAA every time a drone would land near their hotel and authorities would come and retrieve it.

And for residents there exist many regulations that have been put into place to legally permit them to operate drones in the nation. The drone operators, whether they are commercial or hobbyists, need to register their drone and the pilot with the DCAA.

All the drone pilots should obtain a license that allows them to fly an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Rudolph said that the authority expects to collect an overall figure of 5,000 drone registrations by the end of this year.

The fine varies and might be up to Dh20,000 as well as a prison sentence.

Ever since the year 2015, Dubai has witnessed numerous incidents where drones have let to the shutdown of Dubai or Sharjah airports costing the aviation sector millions of dollars. And after such kind of incidents, strict regulations have been placed for drone usage in the UAE.


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