Counting of tourism rises following Commonwealth Games
Date: October 17,2017
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Counting of tourism rises following Commonwealth Games

Very soon, Gold Coast will turn into a major hub for Australia in terms of international events following the Commonwealth Games. The tourism sector is anticipating the Coast’s change into a city capable to organize important events that will rake in millions of dollars in the forthcoming days.

Gold Coast Tourism spokesman Dean Gould explained that operators were thrilled for what was there in store. “There is a real thirst for information around transport,” he said.
“We know the tourists are coming we just do not know how they are getting around.”
He mentioned that the industry was alert and had detailed traffic plans that would be the “first cab off the rank”.

Whereas transport problems were creating some issues, majority of the industry was looking for a change to concentrate on the Commonwealth Games.

“The conversation that the Games allow us to have is to talk about business events, in particular to international people,” Mr Gould said.

The Games is anticipated to provide unprecedented publicity to the city with attractive Gold Coast images to be broadcasted in more than 70 nations.

That exposure is anticipated to offer a constant boost to all sectors of the tourism industry. The city has reserved in a major international conference to take place less than a month after the Commonwealth Games already.

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