Co-pilot, passengers shocked by ‘smell event’, EasyJet makes emergency landing
Date: October 16,2017
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Co-pilot, passengers shocked by ‘smell event’, EasyJet makes emergency landing

A flight of EasyJet was compelled to go for an emergency landing soon after crew members and passengers on board the plane complained of being overcome by a ‘smell event’, as stated by the airline.

The plane was headed to Luton Airport from Palma, Mallorca.

Thereafter it had to be diverted to Paris where paramedics team and doctors boarded the airplane. Then the first officer was taken away in an ambulance. One of the passengers told the regional news media that the co-pilot had to be offered oxygen from a tank while in the air, and that she saw a child ‘vomiting in the back’.

Then, after the plane was boarded, an official appeared on board to check the air quality inside the cabin and everybody was ordered to disembark.

EasyJet asserted that engineers examining the aircraft later discovered a leakage of hydraulic fluid. It believes that the fluid had caused the overwhelming scent. A spokesman for the airline described the event that had taken place on 3rd October as a ‘smell event’.

The spokesperson added that the captain of the flight had taken the decision to divert to Paris since some passengers and crew started feeling ill.

He then went on to add that it was then that he took a decision as a precautionary measure and the aircraft landed routinely.

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