Japan tourism fail in making it an ideal travel destination
Date: October 12,2017
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Japan tourism fail in making it an ideal travel destination

No matter which destination it is, it’s a common mantra repeated by every traveler —: “I want to avoid the touristy spots.”

If that is the case with you then Japan would be your dreamland for sure. And yes, even the capital city, Tokyo has many attractions to discover that visitors generally don’t set their foot in — shout out to my current stomping grounds of Nerima. Up till now, how can the situation like be when tourism is booming in Japan with over 24 million visitors in 2016?

Japan has witnessed a spike in terms of overseas travelers ever since 2013. However, this huge country, for the most part, can be called anything but touristy. undeniably, Japan provides a lot to lure tourists, but I would argue it entirely fall short at producing “touristy” places (besides the obvious formulas of theme parks like Disney) due to the reason that it hasn’t found out figured out the ways to cater overseas tourists — both a blessing and a curse.

At the same time thanks and no thanks to the Japanese government, which as an aside — carry on to pass laws that appear like fake news but are 100 percent authorized. A main example? The tattoo artists will be fined, according to a 2001 law. They have to be qualified medical professionals. Want a traditional Japanese irezumi (tattoo)? See a doctor. Waitஸ what?

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