Tourists rescued after they spent a night in snow near isolated Otago
Date: October 11,2017
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Tourists rescued after they spent a night in snow near isolated Otago

Three tourists were compelled to spend an entire night in their 4WD vehicles trapped in snow near an isolated portion of Central Otago.

This group of globetrotters had got in touch with the police once they realized that they could not be capable of retrieving their car out after it was stuck on the Old Man Range that is quite close to Alexandra on Tuesday.
Last year this region made national headlines after as many as 13 4WDs became stuck along Old Man Range on account of snow.

Ian Kerrisk who is a senior Sergeant said that the latest group did exactly what they had suggested them to do in that situation and stress. The group were well prepared for this trip since they had been travelling in their 4WD vehicle with a good amount of bedding, clothing and food.

As soon as they found that they would be unable to squeeze out their car from the grip of heavy snow, they were intelligent enough to call for assistance instead of continuing their efforts to get rid of the tricky situation independently.

The weather was absolutely fine during their trip. But, more snow fell overnight. Search and rescue volunteers in 4WD vehicles rescued them on Wednesday morning, helping return them as well as their vehicle to Alexandra.
All three of the tourists were in great spirits. As a precautionary measure they were all checked over prior to letting them continuing their trip around New Zealand.

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