Birmingham airport launches FlightSmart, provides real time flight updates
Date: October 09,2017
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Birmingham airport launches FlightSmart, provides real time flight updates

The new service FlightSmart launched by Birmingham airport allows the twitter users to travel to gain access to real time flight updates.

Tweeters can use the @FlyBHX handle and sign up to receive constant updates on their flights from check-in details to flight departure. There will be immediate notification on any flight cancellation or delay.

David Winstanley, the chief operating officer said that they focus more on the customer service apart from providing safety and security. The new innovative service allows the customer to receive information the way they want.

Passengers can make the most of their facilities through FlightSmart rather than constantly looking at the flight screens and friends will be able to trace flight statuses. Further, the services might be rolled out via other social media channels.

Passengers can sign up through the airport’s website or personal Twitter account, flight information and other important information and commercial offers will also be issued. The services is offered by BizTweet.

Paul Brugger, the founder and chief executive of BizTweet was delighted that Birmingham being the third and largest UK airport can now provide the passengers with the real- time personalized information from their mobile.

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