IBM will be present at the tourism gathering
Date: October 05,2017
Time: 3
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IBM will be present at the tourism gathering

IBM or the American multinational technology company will be present at the Caribbean Tourism Organization or the CTO’s State of the Tourism Industry Conference that begins in Grenada in the coming week.

The global industry leader responsible for hospitality and travel related services of IBM, Greg Land , will hold a position in the panel that tries to find out ways in which technology can be used in a creative fashion by the Caribbean to improve the visitor experience and productively sell the destinations.

Land will target on Watson, the artificial intelligence (AI) platform for IBM as part of his presentation. Also, how Caribbean businesses and destinations can exploit AI in terms of decision making and engaging visitors.

The session, entitled Active Engagement: Riding the Technological Wave, will also comprise presentations by Amrita Gurney, the head of marketing at CrowdRiff, a Canadian visual marketing platform used by tourism brands, and Oliver Gale, the founder of Bitt, a Barbados-based financial company that utilizes blockchain technology for money transfers online using any form of currency.

From 9 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. on Friday October 13th the session starts. The final day of the conference will have Super Bowl winner Dorsey Levin as the keynote speaker.

“I will focus on rapid rebound and will also touch on how to take control of life without excuses and how to navigate successfully through stressful situations and keep moving forward. I would like nothing more than to motivate and inspire delegates to get back on track after the damage caused by the hurricanes,” Levens said.

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