Volcano threat harms Bali tourism
Date: October 05,2017
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Volcano threat harms Bali tourism

Over 120,000 locals and visitors have evacuated the region in and around the Mount Agung volcano based in Bali, the Indonesian tourist island, panicking that it might erupt any time.

Nyoman Parwata, an official at the disaster mitigation agency’s command post in Bali explained that the number of evacuees increased to a whopping 122,500.

Over 500 locations they are widely scattered all over the Bali island popular for its exotic beaches, verdant green interior and deep rooted Hindu culture, taking refuge in provisional camps, sports centers and other public buildings.

Mount Agung is known as one of two active volcanoes based in Bali. It could explode at any moment, sending visitors away from the island in rush. At the present, restaurants are absolutely empty, diving schools has no more customers, and locals find their income declining as a result of this.

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