To boost pilgrim tourism, Saudi Arabia is keeping no stones unturned
Date: October 04,2017
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To boost pilgrim tourism, Saudi Arabia is keeping no stones unturned

According to a recent statement released by the wealth fund of Saudi Arabia on Monday, that the body is establishing two new companies in order to enhance th pilgrim numbers that the Kingdom can host in Makkah and Medina. This investment was targeted to boost the revenue at the holy site from tourism and make up for the lower oil prices impact.

The Kingdom’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) explained that the companies — Rou’a Al Haram and Rou’a Al Madinah — will expand residential and commercial sectors in and around the Makkah and Medina Grand Mosque.

For both the companies, the preliminary preparation works are underway at present with construction due to initiate in the next year. The first phase of the project is expected to be launched in 2023.

The fund explained that the new companies would assist the Kingdom to house between 25 million to 30 million pilgrims on an annual basis. The companies will construct over 150,000 hotel rooms in both the cities close to the holy sites.

Rou’a Al Haram targets to create the areas around the Grand Mosque in Makkah and lift up the quality of the local hospitality sector. Over 854,000 square meters will be covered in the first phase of the project of the company, delivering 115 buildings of different architectural designs. The first phase of the company will also see the development of approximately 9,000 residential units, 360,000 square meters of commercial space along with prayer sections which can accommodate over 400,000 worshippers. The fund said the project is situated around 1.4 kilometers from the Holy Kaaba.

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