Engine fallout prompts emergency landing of Air France flight
Date: October 03,2017
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Engine fallout prompts emergency landing of Air France flight

An Airbus SE A380 superjumbo was compelled to make an emergency landing over the last weekend after an engine on board the Air-France operated aircraft broke apart all of a sudden as per various reports.

Thankfully, no injuries have been reported as a consequence of the emergency landing.

The plane was en route from Paris to Los Angeles.

But it had to go for an emergency landing after a ‘serious incident’ prompted pilots to take immediate action, as reported by a reputed media agency. It is generally not too common for aircraft engines to malfunction. But then, what happened to the plane of Air France is not typical by any means.

One of the media channels has quoted one of the passengers named Miguel Amador who had posted a video on a popular microblogging site claiming that it was a video of the plane.

It was suspected that a bird collision caused the emergency landing.

Air France successfully was able to land the plane with no injuries.

The airplane had been carrying 496 passengers and 24 crew members as reported by one of the premium media platforms. Arrangements have already been made to transport the passengers to California, as per the media agency.

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