Boeing, Turkish industry establishes aerospace initiative
Date: September 25,2017
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Boeing, Turkish industry establishes aerospace initiative

The Boeing and Turkish Airlines wants to further establish their aerospace initiative by ordering 40 787-9 Dreamliners.

The orders will be further reflected on the Boeing Orders and Deliveries website once it is finalized.

Ilker Ayci, the chairman of the board and the executive committee said that the 787 Dreamliner is the most technologically advanced airplane in the world. The sole intent of purchasing the Dreamliners is to meet the existing demand for wide-body airplanes at the 3rd Airport. It will further strengthen the fleet capacity on the 100th anniversary of the Republic and enhance the customer’s satisfaction.

Kevin McAllister said that the Turkish Airlines is a great partner and their confidence is completely valued. The Boeing Turkey National Aerospace initiative was also announced by the Boeing and Turkish government. It is designed to support the growth of the Turkish aerospace industry complying with the targets set by the Turkey’s Vision 2023 and strengthen Boeing’s presence in the market.

Ray Corner, vice chairman of Boeing mentioned that the relationship between Boeing and Turkey is more than 70 years and they have an established outstanding long-term partnership. The collaboration will further step on to the next level that will steer the growth of Turkish aerospace industry while also achieving the Boeing’s long-term objective to expand its presence in the marketplace.

The strategic framework aligns the Boeing investment and programs with the government, Turkish airlines aerospace service companies and industry suppliers covering the areas of research, engineering and skill development.

Boeing has been in a mutually beneficial relationship with Turkey since the 1940s. Boeing is a provider of the commercial jetliners to Turkish airlines and has been a trusted partner of the Turkish aerospace industry.

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